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The uniqueness of a fingerprint as an unchallenged means of identifying a singular person has been utilized for years.
Even in today’s highly technologically advanced environment, fingerprints are still utilized as the ultimate means of identification.
This format of identification is traditionally applied in the fields of security, access control and off course criminal investigations.
IFIS has now harness this powerful tool through innovative packaging to be applied in the commercial market in other fields other than the traditional applications.

Founded on 30 years of expertise in the field of fingerprint science. The company’s team expertise also extends to the field of forensic investigations and analysis of crime scene evidence. Jacqueline Bierman (CEO) heads the company.

IFIS Product Offering

The products and services on offer by IFIS is the result of more than eight years of research and developed based on twenty-seven years of applied expertise.

This sound investment in development places IFIS in the position to offer efficient and reliable products and services, which carries the backing of the IFIS quality guarantee.

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